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Way to go! Thanks for dropping by! Let's catch up...

For those of you who staunchly believe that I am unable to revise these pages I say "HA! I CAN! AND THIS PROVES IT!" It is now 2011 which may be a prime number. 2010 was NOT a prime number nor was it a prime year for me anyhow except my little angel Kerry graduated from secondary school and has moved on to college. Beyond that not a whole lot happened except if you read the biography page maybe there's something there...

Personal highlights for 2010 apart from my little angel Kerry's matriculation were playing some really fun events even getting together with John Sandfort and Charlie and running a few acoustic numbers at The University Chapel (I had the actual key for a couple of days!), placing a song in the sound track of a Larry Holden film ("All Sun And Little White Flowers"), playing in a couple of really nice clubs and theatres regionally, and of course working and paying an ever increasing amount for energy and all forms of insurance (home auto life health). Speaking of which, everyone's health seems to be holding up which is good, and the dreaded kidney stone devil Renus The Ironic is apparently asleep deep inside my innards. Do NOT wake him! Do NOT wake him!  As always, my musical goals are simple: play more and enjoy it even more, and try to figure out a way to get that Gladstones recording out...

Keep your eyes peeled for The Gladstones AND Alligator in 2011. Both bands are really good. And as they are not overly complicated with hard to understand words and diminished chords and stuff like that, the upshot for you is that it makes listening a lot simpler. And simple a la carte beer-style folk dancing is really easy as we are firmly rooted in the Western Tradition of 4, count 'em, 4 beats to the measure.

In the meantime keep on supporting live music wherever you can. That means going out and actually seeing live performances, supporting the artists as well as the venues that continue to make live music possible (locally I'm thinking Millers, The Southern, Durty Nelly's, The Jefferson Theatre, The Charlottesville Pavilion as well as other places in and around town [plus a bunch of out of town joints too]), buying downloads, dvd's ("Live From The Hook" springs to mind) and records from artists who are working as hard as they can to say something intelligent today. Speaking of records, I happen to have a few titles for sale. Which you can pick up locally at Sidetracks or directly from me or through cd baby: If you want to get them from me just send $15 per copy to me (Bob Girard) at P.O. Box 313 Earlysville, VA 22936. Don't forget to specify which recording that you want to get: "SunGinChocolate" or "It Gets Weirder Every Year" (sold out - downloads only) or "Decline And Fall Of John Q Sportcoat". If you're credit-card-and-computer-savvy you can also buy "Decline And Fall..." from cdbaby by clicking here Buy "Decline And Fall...", and "It Gets Weirder Every Year" by clicking here Buy "It Gets Weirder...", and "SunGinChocolate" by clicking here Buy "SunGinChocolate". That was super easy, now wasn't it?

My silk screening business/man cave is growing steadily. It's called Hurricane City Tees and it's located right here in Charlottesville. So if you need tees, or sweats or hats or mugs or glasses or tote bags or pens and pencils or team wear or frisbees or buttons or water bottles or - you get the picture, just give me a call at (434) 220-3782. Remember this: if you need any of that stuff PLEASE CALL ME! Or you can e mail me at Click here for Hurricane City Tees information: I'll treat you like you're my most important customer. Because you are!

Thanks for buying my cd's, thanks for coming out to see me and others when we play live, and most of all thanks for being my friends through all of this. I really mean it. And special thanks in 2010 to Jim, Steve, Marc, Charlie, Corky, Aaron, Susan, Stuart, Craig D, Craig B, Shep, T A, Sonny, Jeff and Shecky for making this a very fun year to stand on a stage and sing.

Anyhow, if you have any questions or want to get on the mailing list or the Hurricane Party list or want to hear more about the cd's or if you have questions about me or The Gladstones, Alligator, The Casuals, Captain Tunes, The Hawaiians Band - whatever Email me..., I'm Bob.